Elements of the Community Policing Project


Community Policing exists in many countries of the world. It is not only important for police to understand the principles of community policing but also for the community to understand their role in community policing. Community policing is a method of policing based on the joint effort of the citizen and the police who work together towards alleviating neighborhood problems. Together they also attempt to satisfy the expressed need of citizens in order to enhance community resident’s quality of life.

The British Council is currently implementing a community policing project in seven conflict-affected provinces in Mindanao. The project will contribute to building a culture of community driven policing and by so doing complement the peace building efforts and the transition process. It will prepare communities for the introduction of community policing by increasing their awareness on the topic and enhancing their meaningful participation as to how this can look like such that it will benefit them.

Although community policing may differ from country to country there are a few basic principles that are the same. These are: Service Delivery, Partnerships, Problem solving, Empowerment and Accountability.

Source: http://www.securityreforminitiative.org/2015/11/02/elements-of-the-community-policing-project/

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