Streamlining the Bantay Bayanihan Assessment

Bantay Bayanihan is a network of more than 150 civil society organizations in 16 conflict-affected provinces in the country. The network advocates for security sector reform and is the officially recognized third party oversight body in the Philippine military’s implementation of its Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) Bayanihan. The IPSP Bayanihan’s timeframe ends in June 2016.
It is therefore incumbent upon Bantay Bayanihan to come up with a terminal assessment of the AFP’s implementation of the plan as well as recommendations for the next AFP Campaign Plan. In order to do so, the network must look back and assess the data it has.
Last July 13 to 14, 2015, the Bantay Bayanihan conducted a 2-day workshop in lieu to the crafting of a Bantay Bayanihan terminal assessment report of the AFP’s implementation of IPSP Bayanihan. As part of the priming session, Miss Tolosa presented the Bantay Bayanihan Institutional documents (BB History, Manifesto, Mission and Vision, and the BB Assessment Tools). Commander Thomas Boehlke pointed out that in order to streamline its assessments, the network must properly define what it is looking for.
On October 15 to 16, a 2-day writeshop was held to further define and nuance the Analysis Objectives identified in the workshop as well as formalize how the assessments are to be reported.
Necessary follow up activities would be the cascading and actual refining of Bantay Bayanihan assessments. This would entail closer coordination between the National Secretariat, TWG, and local Bantay Bayanihan chapters.
The activities were made possible by the funding support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Philippines (FES).
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