Who We Are

“History’s pages abound with accounts of how we Filipinos have always sought — and worked for — peace…

However, the ills confronting our nation are multi-faceted and complex. These can never be addressed through raising arms and wielding force against our democratic way of life as a nation. In the same vein, we recognize that a purely military solution will never be enough to adequately address these issues. As peace and security is indivisible, efforts towards these must be shared by all…

This is why we are engaging all stakeholders in peace and security. It is only by working together can we find creative solutions that work….

I believe in the Filipino’s capacity to bring sustainable and meaningful peace and security to our land. I call on the entire Filipino citizenry to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Let us join the AFP in translating this national aspiration to reality.”

His Excellency Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III

President, Republic of the Philippines

Message in IPSP Bayanihan


The Bantay Bayanihan, also called BB, is a civil society-led initiative that aims to create an oversight body over the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly in its implementation of the Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) Bayanihan. It also serves as a dialogue space where issues of peace and security can be openly discussed between the general public and concerned agencies like the police and local government units.

On 02 March 2017, it was renamed Bantay Bayanihan sa Kapayapaan.


Roles and Functions

·  Serve as a venue or direct channel to raise issues regarding the IPSP-Bayanihan implementation, including Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, as well as peace and security concerns of local communities

·  Conduct and validate periodic evaluations about the implementation of the IPSP-Bayanihan

·  Provide recommendations to the Chief of Staff (national level) and Commanding General (unified command/ division/ brigade level) on the implementation of the IPSP-Bayanihan

·  Generate concise policy recommendations on security reforms together with peace and conflict dynamics, to be submitted and presented to respective peace and order councils (local executive) and sanggunian (local legislative), all the way to national-level Cabinet security cluster (executive) and Congress (legislative)

·  Promote BB to other potential partner stakeholders

·  To catalyze, facilitate, and most importantly, institutionalize the active partnership of government and civil society


Areas of Concern

·  Human Rights / International Humanitarian Law / Rule Of Law

           Performance of AFP troops in HR / IHL / ROL areas

·   Transparency and Accountability

          Monitoring the processes and systems to ensure that violators are punished and good deeds are rewarded

·  Participation

         AFP engagement with civilian units/organizations

         Treatment and management of “surrenderees”

          Peace and Conflict Dynamics

                – “Fuels” and “Drivers” of conflict

                – Spoilers of peace

·   SSR  and Development

             Address institutional and policy gaps to create a legal and social atmosphere that can contribute

             in the peace negotiations and mitigate the cycle of insurgency, impunity, and underdevelopment